Air conditioner or heater broken beyond repair? Solarex can help you choose from a variety of top-quality HVAC systems, selected specifically for you home and needs, with extended 10 year warranties available. We install, maintain and repair all major brands of heating and cooling equipment.  
Solarex provides clients with high-quality work gained by years of experience in working with air conditioning and heating systems for residences. From air conditioning units to insulation and duct-work, we view all areas of the air conditioning system as potential sources of increased efficiency for your home or business and as an opportunity to reduce energy costs.
Trust in the expertise and vision of our team to realize your goals for higher quality and greater efficiency in air conditioning.

Services Available:

When you need service or repair on your home air conditioning system, or need a new system, we will assess your home or business free of charge and design a system that fits your specific environment and budget.
You can trust that our professionally trained HVAC technicians are experts in all types of cooling systems and that they will handle your every air conditioning need, as well as answer any questions you might have. We’ll have you and your family feeling cool and comfortable in no time.

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