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About Solarex

Energize Society With Reliable Energy

Solarex was founded on the principles of providing an environmentally and financially positive impact on not only our customers’ lives but on the overall community. Every customer can rest easy with our engineer designed systems with a production guarantee to ensure that each customer is getting the electricity they were promised. Also with each sale, contributions are made to several non profit organizations that are consistently assisting single moms, refugees, veterans, and others that are in need. We will continue to lead the way for renewable energy by changing lives one house at the time.

David Soliman

Chief Executive Officer

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Tonnes CO2 emissions


Domestic households
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Solar Panels Installed

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We are Building a Sustainable Future

At Solarex we provide state of the art solar solutions that adapt to your property.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our service, thats why we make sure it can be referred as world class. We go the extra mile to make sure you are more than happy with your renewable energy solution.

We use the highest quality materials for our renewable energy solutions. Which makes our and work and materials guaranteed to last a lifetime.

With the best warranty in the market, our 25 Years Production  Warranty ensures that your solar energy system will produce the energy you need no matter what.

Team Members

Meet Our Team

David Soliman

Chief Executive Officer

Feisal Abbasi

Lead Web Developer

Daniel Soliman

Office Manager

Julio Faciolince

Project Manager

John Sheffield

Vice President

Community Connections

Building Strong, Long Lasting Relationships

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