Why Go Solar in Colorado

With over 300 sunny days per year, solar just makes sense in Colorado! Colorado was one of the first states to have a Renewable Energy Standard and is currently at over 297,500 solar powered homes.* Be part of the solution by going solar. Not only is it a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but it could help you save money. 

Solar Incentives in Colorado

The state mandates all utilities with 5,000 customers or more to offer net metering. Customers may roll over excess credits indefinitely or cash out at the end of the 12-month cycle. Colorado also offers some property tax and sales tax deferments for solar. Solar energy improvements are exempt from property tax assessments in some areas. Going solar may add value to your home, but you won’t be assessed for the value of the solar if property tax assessment is deferred.
Local energy utility providers have their own programs. For example, if you live in Fort Collins, you may qualify for a $250/kW incentive up to $1,000. Those in Colorado Springs can get an $80/kW incentive. Check with your local utility company for information about specific incentives in your area.

Colorado homeowners are also eligible for the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC).*** The ITC allows you to deduct 26 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes.

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Benefits of Solar in Colorado

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Lower your energy bills

There is great potential for energy savings in Colorado. We try to design your system to offset the energy you use, based on past history and other factors. The goal is to help you produce more than enough to power your home. For those who qualify, and where available, net metering may be an option to sell back excess energy that was produced. Most importantly, solar can potentially help avoid high time of use (TOU) rates.

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Prepare for outages

Colorado outages can be dangerous in the winter months. A great way to prepare for possible outages is to have a solar system with batteries. You will no longer have to rely on the grid. Your batteries can get you through the night or longer. Talk to your dealer about your power needs. Even if you cannot do anything to prevent outages, you can certainly prepare for them.

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Preserve Colorado’s outdoors

Colorado is every outdoor enthusiast’s dream. It is home to the famous Rocky Mountains, as well as other wonders. Preserving the state’s natural beauty is top of the list for many homeowners. Each Colorado home that goes solar can help contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, and reliance on fossil fuels.

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Have predictable payments

Colorado may be beautiful, but its weather can make powering your home costly and unpredictable. Many utility providers offer Time of Use (TOU) rates, charging a higher rate when you need electricity the most. Whether you are trying to cool down your home or warm it up, it may cost you more than you expect. Going solar can potentially help you avoid such varying TOU rates. If you can avoid paying TOU rates, you can better predict your monthly energy needs and payments.Avoid the varying TOU rates by going solar will make monthly budgeting easier.

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Invest in your home

If you ask your neighbors, you may find that some of them have already gone solar to build equity. Going solar may add value to your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers. On the average, Colorado middle-tier homes are currently valued at $442,766, that is an 8.6% annual increase from last year.* Instead of giving your money to your utility provider, consider reinvesting into your Colorado home, one of your biggest assets.**

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