Why Go Solar in Connecticut

Connecticut may be the third smallest state, but it is rapidly growing in solar. Over 117,500 homeowners* have already installed a solar system in the Nutmeg State. Installing a solar system may help you save, especially if you take advantage of ongoing incentives. You will also be investing in your home, and thanks to the property tax exemption,** you will not be responsible for paying property taxes on the added home value.

Solar Incentives Connecticut

Connecticut’s Residential Solar Investment Program offers a rebate worth $0.463 per watt of solar installed (up to 10kW). You can also qualify for a sales tax exemption and pay zero sales tax for your solar equipment, accessories, and installation, along with benefiting from a property tax exemption that applies to the additional value solar adds to your home. Some Connecticut utilities offer net metering, which credits you for the extra electricity your system produces. You can use those credits in exchange for power during times when your system doesn’t generate enough energy to meet your needs.Arizona homeowners are also eligible for the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The ITC allows you to deduct 26 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes.**
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Benefits of Solar in Connecticut

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Lower your energy bills

Many Connecticut homeowners have already made the switch to solar, and they’re reaping the benefits of incentives and tax breaks. On top of tax savings, you can save on your monthly bills. With net metering, you will likely be off-setting most of your energy costs. By installing batteries, you may avoid paying for electricity at night. You can keep running off your own system. You may find yourself just paying the minimum monthly bill.

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Prepare for outages

Scheduled and unexpected outages are today’s reality. A bad storm can cause an unforeseen outage. Don’t be left without power. With a solar system and batteries, you can continue to power your home through the night or during an outage. Talk to your dealer about what battery will give you the freedom to power your home when an outage happens.

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Preserve Connecticut’s outdoors

Connecticut homeowners love the natural beauty the state offers. Preserving the outdoors is important for many residents. Every home that goes solar is directly contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. By reducing your carbon footprint you help fight climate change and reduce pollution.

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Have predictable payments

No one likes being surprised by a giant utility bill! Make budgeting easier by going solar. By producing your own energy, you may only have to worry about the minimum bill. Not to mention your monthly payment for solar may remain the same during your term.

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Invest in your home

Everyday more Connecticut homeowners go solar, many do so to invest in their homes. The average Connecticut home is worth $288,822, that is a 11.5% change from last year.*** By investing in your home, you can build equity and make it more attractive to potential buyers.**

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