Why Go Solar in Oregon

Oregon is a great state in which to go solar. Oregon homeowners are fortunate to have a wide range of programs that leverage the benefits of solar power generation to 1) reduce energy bills, 2) earn tax*** rebates and exemptions, and 3) make a positive environmental impact. You may also be eligible for some great incentives in the Beaver State.

Solar Incentives in Oregon

Oregon’s largest utilities offer net metering at a one-to-one ratio. Net metering is one of the biggest benefits to solar owners. It allows eligible homeowners to sell excess energy back to their utility. Unused credits will accumulate in your utility account. This means credits accumulated during sunny summer months can be applied to charges during Oregon’s cloudy winter months. Customers who are already eligible for a utility incentive  can  be eligible for a rebate of $.20 per watt up to a cap of $5000.Oregon homeowners are also eligible for the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC).*** The ITC allows you to deduct 26 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes.
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Benefits of Solar in Oregon

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Lower your energy bills

Oregon has time of use (TOU) rates, meaning the price of your electricity varies according to what time you use it. With a solar system, you can use less from the grid and potentially offset your use. Going solar can make a lot of sense for those with high utility bills. A solar system won’t eliminate the utility bill, but by managing power usage wisely, that bill may be reduced. If you have batteries, you may need even less energy from the grid. This is why many homeowners who go solar report potential savings as a primary driver for their decision.

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Prepare for outages

Power outages can happen when energy demands rise. This means you may be out of power when you need it most. Sometimes utilities even have scheduled outages for grid repairs or conservation. You can avoid the inconvenience with a battery-backed solar system. Your solar dealer can discuss battery options for you and your system.

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Preserve Oregon’s outdoors

Oregon is known for some of the most breathtaking waterfalls, cliffs, and forest land in the nation. Many homeowners actually go solar to help preserve the state’s natural beauty. By going solar, your home is directly contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, such as CO2. By shrinking your carbon footprint, you can do your part to preserve the state for future generations.

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Have predictable payments

Budgets are very valuable because they help create a spending plan. However, you may notice it is very hard to budget for certain bills, especially energy. This is due to factors like TOU rates, that make your energy fluctuate depending what time of day you are using energy from the grid. With a solar system, you reduce your dependence on expensive electricity from the grid. You are in control of what your electric bill will be after installing solar panels. If you purchase or lease your system you can lock in your monthly solar payment for the duration of your loan or lease.

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Invest in your home

The average Oregon home is valued at $409,182, that’s a 10.9% increase from last year!* Many homeowners purchase a solar system to invest in their home. A solar system may help you sell your home faster and make it more attractive to potential buyers who know the benefits of solar.**

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