Why Go Solar in Pennsylvania

Produce your own clean energy, all while saving money with net metering, incentives, and batteries! Pennsylvania has a goal for solar power to make up 10% of total power generation, so you can be certain there is a bright future for solar energy in the state.

Solar Incentives in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania offers two main state-level incentives to go solar. First, net metering allows solar-equipped homes to sell excess electricity they generate back to the power grid, as well as bank excess power for future use. Net metering is available for all eligible customers of investor-owner utilities. Pennsylvania is also one of the states that offers Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs). SRECs are credits that solar homeowners can sell to local utilities, without a fixed ceiling. Both of these incentives make going solar in Pennsylvania even more financially appealing.

Pennsylvania homeowners are also eligible for the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC).*** The ITC allows you to deduct 26 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes.

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Benefits of Solar in Pennsylvania

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Lower your energy bills

Pennsylvania is improving lucrative benefits and incentive programs. Net metering can help you save on your monthly bill. By generating your own energy throughout the day, you can avoid paying for electricity from the grid. If you decide to install batteries, you can save excess energy for night use. That means you might not need energy from your utility at night either.

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Prepare for outages

Power outages are inconvenient in the winter months. Unforeseen weather can increase power demand and cause the grid to fail. Batteries can help you run off your own power during outages. Depending what batteries you have and how much excess energy your system produced, you may have enough power for the whole night, or more. Talk to your dealer about what batteries are right for you and your lifestyle.

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Preserve Pennsylvania's outdoors

Pennsylvania is home to beautiful forests filled with some of the tallest trees in the northeastern U.S. Each Pennsylvania home that shifts to solar energy for electricity is supporting the removal of tons of CO2. Beyond the cost savings and cash rebates, helping sustain the local environment is a powerful incentive for homeowners to go solar.

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Have predictable payments

Your bill may vary according to what time you are using the most electricity. This is due to peak pricing. Rather than trying to do the math and plan your energy usage, try going solar and installing batteries. By doing so, you can have a better idea as to what your energy bill will be each month. If you are like most solar homeowners, you may only have a minimum bill.

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Invest in your home

Home equity is a big reason why some homeowners decide to go solar. When you go solar, you are putting money back into your home, not into your utility provider. The average PA home is worth approximately $215,939, that’s a 9.6% annual growth from the previous year. By investing in your home, you can keep up with rising values. A solar system may also make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

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