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Solar Energy Services

Most residential properties can easily be powered by solar energy. Key factors including the home’s location, the directions the roof faces, and the extent to which trees and other buildings block sunlight from the roof. Even if your home’s orientation is not ideal for solar energy, we will find the best location for optimum production—so, contact us to see how Solarex can help you.

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What We Provide

Solar Panel Purchase

Our Solar Panel Purchase comes with various benefits: Fixed Monthly Payments, Ownership of Solar Panels, ITC Eligibility, Lower Cost of Energy, and Financing Options.

Pre-Purchase Agreement

Our Pre-Purchase Agreement has great flexibility due to its various options including: Leasing options, Lower impact on credit score, Lower credit scores accepted, and Higher short-term savings.

25 Year Production Guarantee

Our Unique 25 Year Production Guarantee is like none other it holds various benefits such as: The ability to cover up to 90% of the energy estimated on the design, and Bumper to bumper warranty for the panels. Allowing you to live stress free.

Smart Home Security

Smart Home Security: Vivint Smart home security packages available. The Essential Package comes at no additional cost. Greater Packages available below market price. The Smart home security systems installation done up to 4 days after signing the contract.

Real Time Monitoring App

Vivint app allows every customer to have real time access to the performance data of every panel on their system.

Refferal Program

Every Customer becomes a partner of Solarex with free access to the Solarex App. There is a $1,000 bonus for every referred customer, and no limit for referrals.

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