Why Go Solar in Virgina

Virginia may be one of the most ambitious states when it comes to solar goals. In 2020, they passed legislation to require the largest utilities to stop selling fossil fuel electricity by 2050. This would ensure the state runs on 100% clean energy. Right now is a great time for you to get ahead of the game and go solar. Not only does Virginia legislation encourage it, but there are incentives available right now to help you make the decision. Solar can also keep you running in case power outages happen and it helps you maintain predictable payments.

Solar Incentives in Virginia

Depending on your utility company, you may be eligible for solar incentives and programs. You can find more information on state and local incentives under Does solar make sense in Virginia.

Virginia homeowners are also eligible for the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC).*** The ITC allows you to deduct 26 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes.

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Benefits of Solar in Virginia

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Lower your energy bills

Many homeowners decide to go solar because of potential savings. If you are on a time of use (TOU) plan, your energy rates vary according to what time you are powering your home. With a solar system, you can avoid using energy from the grid during the day. With batteries, you can run off excess solar energy at night. Depending on how much energy your system produces and how much energy you use, you may not need any power from the grid.

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Prepare for outages

Many homeowners report power outages as a key driver for going solar. Power outages, planned or not, can be a nuisance, especially in the winter or summer when you need power the most. With a battery-equipped system you can still have power to keep your home running. We have many options, so talk to your dealer about what batteries suit your system and lifestyle.

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Preserve Virginia’s outdoors

Virginia is known for being a four season destination with outdoor activities from cliff to coast. Homeowners are lucky to live in a beautiful state with endless nature. Any hunting enthusiast or active hiker knows the importance of preserving the outdoors. Many homeowners go solar for this very reason. A solar system helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. It also reduces your reliance on fossil fuels, something that may be cut soon according to the state legislature.

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Have predictable payments

TOU billing makes your monthly energy bill more difficult than it should be. Even if you use the same energy each month, your bill may change according to what time you used that energy. With a solar system, you may be able to save money depending on how much energy you use. Most importantly, your monthly bills may become easier to predict. Your system may help you avoid high TOU rates, and with batteries, you can potentially avoid using energy from the grid.

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Invest in your home

If you ask your neighbors, some of them have already gone solar to build equity. Going solar may add value to your home and may help it sell faster. The average Virginia home is currently valued at approximately $307,964, that is a 7.8% annual increase from last year. Keep up with the rising home values, especially if you want to sell in the future.

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